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You’ve checked every box, dotted every i and crossed every t. Your life affairs are totally in order. You’ve prepared for the inevitable — after you cross over to the other side, your loved ones will be well taken care of.

But what about you?

For eons, humanity has struggled to bridge the gap between life and death. From the tombs of ancient Egypt filled with money, goods, and servants for the afterlife, to being buried in your favorite luxury sports car, we have tried to prepare for the great beyond to the best of our abilities.

Boundry has found a better way.

create your perfect afterlife

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Now, thanks to Boundry, you can curate your ideal afterlife. Customize your everlasting environment down to the temperature and landscape. Complete a survey and consult with one of our highly trained afterlife artists to design and create your perfect, personalized eternity.

Boundry is currently seeking inquisitive and intrepid individuals to participate in a highly confidential market research study. As part of our elite and exclusive evaluation team, you'll tour our state-of-the-art facility, participate in ongoing experiments and spend time in our immersive afterlife models. Following your exploration, you’ll be invited to provide valuable feedback in a focus group setting. In exchange, you’ll receive an exclusive, reduced rate when you create your very own custom afterlife.

Sign up now. Simply use the ‘Book a Visit’ feature to select your appointment slot and secure your time by making a small down payment. Participants must be willing to sign a standard nondisclosure agreement.

Get started now.

afterlife samples

house floating in blue sky. generated by MidJourney butterflies in forest person in field with creature looking at a house. generated by MidJourney person and dog in front of two moons person staring at vortex waterfall
Scroll through some representations of our exclusive generated afterlife samples to get a sneak peek at some of our afterlife samplings. Disclaimer: actual afterlife samples may vary.

Our Story

Boundry was founded by people with a vision beyond the limits of life itself.

In 2020, Alexander and Barrett Fuld, better known as the Fuld Bros or A/B, partnered with Dr. Vera Sadilim, renowned afterlife researcher, to found Boundry, an experimental firm combining cutting-edge science with the metaphysical, literally crossing the boundary between life and death.

“We are now reaching beyond the stars, to the heavens themselves.”

Dr. Vera Sadilim

Director, Boundry Labs


Our Team

Team Boundry

Join us

Ideal candidates understand that high risk equals high reward, and work well in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.
Join our dedicated, diverse team who make a difference by:
  • Changing the world (this one and the next) with cutting-edge research
  • Establishing meaningful partnerships
  • Providing innovative afterlife experiences
  • Creating inviting retail spaces

Our work environment is inclusive, collaborative and engaging. We currently have numerous job openings - inquire by sending an email to


What is a customized afterlife?
The scientists at Boundry have discovered a method of creating a fully customized afterlife experience built to your exact specifications. Choose from one of our stock base models in our lab showroom or design your own from the clouds up with the help of our afterlife engineers.

How does it work?
The methodology used by our scientists and engineers is highly proprietary, but they make use of the natural ley lines that converge in Baltimore to create a thin place that allows our experts to influence and design other planes of existence.

How much will it cost me?
The technology required to power your unique and personal afterlife experience is highly exclusive. Prices vary based on complexity, materials and various other criteria. Our design experts are happy to sit down with you to draft an estimate.

Are the afterlife models on display in the lab showroom customizable?
Most afterlives come with optional upgrades for an additional fee. Don’t see something you’d like to have on the other side? Just ask! Our afterlife engineers would be happy to design one-of-a-kind afterlife accessories just for you.

Can I continue to customize my afterlife once I’ve crossed over?
You can convert cash to ADT (after death tokens) that can be spent in the great hereafter to create customizable content and make regular updates.

What if I don’t like my customized afterlife once I’m in it?
Boundry offers a satisfaction guaranteed warranty. You’ll be 100% happy in your custom afterlife, but if for any reason you’re not, you’ll get your money back.

I’m not religious. Can I still design an afterlife?
Boundry accommodates all faiths, belief systems and traditions. Even if you aren’t totally sure you believe in an afterlife, we can still help you customize it to your preferences. (Why leave anything to chance?)

Do I have to die before I can enjoy my customized afterlife?
Currently, yes, although there is promising research in the realm of early crossings.

Can my surviving loved ones visit me in my customized afterlife?
Boundry has not yet perfected a means for the living to return from the Other Side. We look forward to offering this amenity in the future.

Can I take my pet(s) with me?
At this time, unfortunately we cannot accommodate pets. We are working toward a safe solution that respects the dignity and autonomy of your pet.